Win Rukos
Bintaro - Sector 4
Win Rukos will be an exclusive complex of commercial units located in the Sector 4 area of Bintaro. The project will boast 11 offices ranging from 220 to 230 square meters of space per unit.
Each will be equipped with high quality glass walls and doors essential for a retail environment, as well as exquisite design. The rukos will each have 3 floors of office space with an accesible 4th floor rooftop with an optional rooftop garden and elevator. In addition, each unit will have an attached garden and ample parking.
Sunter Tower
Win Properties is currently constructing two office buildings in Sunter, Jakarta. Located in a row of commercial properties, the buildings are being developed on 386 square meters of land. Each will be equipped with elevators and have 6 floors each, with 1586 square meters of office space.